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6 Summer Activities that Teachers would love!


No one appreciates summer more than a teacher. Those hard-earned summer months mark a break from stacks of grading, rowdy students, and cramped classrooms. But the work doesn’t stop at the last bell.

There is so much to think about: next year’s curriculum, the reshuffling that you’ve heard from nearby teachers,new assignments and loads, the needs of your new students, and the constant pedagogical and assessment changes. With all of these things running through your head, it’s easy to forget about you. Here are our favorite strategies for a summer that is both relaxing and productive.

1) Connect with Your Teaching Community

Your fellow educators are your best resource. Speak with your colleagues about your ideas for the upcoming school year, follow some of your favorite educational experts on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, and catch-up with articles about teacher talks.

2) Keep Up With the Tech World

When it comes to technology, change is the only constant. Visit your favorite sites on the internet. You can also read up books regarding the innovation of teaching, to learn more about creatively assessing student understanding, and engaging your students to different activities. Check out sites to teach you the essential classroom technology,  to gain an in depth understanding of how to use new technology to support your students and improve your practice.

3) Get Funded

Have you thought of some amazing projects, or resources for next year, but don’t have the money to make them a reality? Think of charitable organization that allows teachers to request funding for classroom materials or activities.

4) Volunteer

After a stressful year, you may need a kick of positive energy. Volunteering is a great way to help your community and it just feels good. Get your hands dirty with community immersions (never underestimate how good it feels to build something after a long school year). Consider becoming a big brother or a big sister or a mentor to a youth in your community.

5) Become a Student (Outside of the Classroom)

To help prepare you for an even better year of teaching, check out  teacher wellness courses, books, sites like Stress Reduction for a Better Teaching,Reigniting the Teaching Spirit ,Establishing Order in your Classroom , Time Management for Teachers,and Achieving a Work-Life Balance in Teaching.

If you’re interested in expanding your horizons and learning a new language, try language lessons and you can take language classes online.

6) Rejuvenate Yourself

Your summer break is meant for you to recharge your batteries, reflect on your achievements during the school year, and get excited about teaching again. No matter how you plan to spend the summer, you should take this time to shake off the stresses of last year, soak in the quiet, and treat yourself with a wild get away! You deserve it!

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