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Watch out for full face-to-face classes guidelines on August 15 – DepEd

photo courtesy: arteche

The entire rules for the restoration of full five-day face-to-face sessions for the School Year 2022-2023 will be made available by the Department of Education (DepEd) after August 15.

DepEd spokesman Michael Tan Poa said they are still fine-tuning details for the conduct of the five-day in-person classes and it should be finished by August 15.

“Sa ngayon, we are still fine-tuning the details until August 15, maglalabas kami ng full details doon sa pagbabalik eskwela natin kung saan i-a-address din namin ‘yung mga tanong na ‘yan,” he said in an interview.

He was responding to a question about what would happen if the learner had previously signed up for distance learning in the Philippines but was already living abroad.

Poa added that DepEd is currently deciding what particular exceptions it will provide for schools that weren’t able to start offering full face-to-face lessons by November 2.

He clarified that all schools will continue to follow the general rule and begin face-to-face instruction on November 2.

“Ang general rule natin is in-person talaga, mayroon lang sigurong mga exemptions kung hindi talaga kaya na in-person, doon lang tayo papayag sa blended learning,” Poa said.


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