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VP Sara vows to find more ways to ‘improve’ PH basic education

photo courtesy/ABSCBN

While acknowledging all the advancements made in education under the previous administrations, Vice President Sara Duterte pledged that strengthening the nation’s fundamental education will be a top priority during her tenure as the Secretary of Education (DepEd).

Briones received praise from Duterte for all the changes she brought about at the DepEd, adding that she was motivated by the latter’s leadership.

“I will also take on the task with the reminder that we shall continue to find ways to improve basic education in terms of access, equity, quality, resiliency, and governance,” VP Sara said.

The new DepEd Secretary also stated that she hopes to “create learners who can attain their full potential as individuals who are responsible, skillful, knowledgeable, industrious, and determined to achieve their aspirations for themselves and for our country” during her term in office.

Duterte declared that she had appointed Briones as her “consultant” in order to assure the continuity of initiatives aimed at obtaining quality education.


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