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COT Grade 3- Classroom Observation Lesson Plan and PowerPoint Presentation


How to meet indicators in our COT? Read the annotation below to fully understand before we conduct our Classroom Observations.


– To meet indicator 1 in COT –RPMS, the teacher addressed content correctly and its focus is congruent with the topic on his presentation of example and other activities, the teacher motivates his learner to explore the content area to develop their knowledge and satisfy their natural curiosity that can be seen on the part of integration in a science subject, the teacher made meaningful connections across the content areas (from Review up to Evaluation and additional activities) and the teacher applied extensive knowledge of the content beyond inquisitiveness his area of specialization that was perceived during the discussion and the activities.

– To meet indicator 2 in COT –RPMS, the teacher utilized structured activities that augment and boost learners’ higher level of literacy e.g. Practicing skills in writing that were observed during group work and assignment.

– To meet indicator 3 in COT –RPMS, the teacher provided all-encompassing questions including HOTS questions and activities that challenge the learners to ruminate and have a deeper perception.

– To meet indicator 4 in COT –RPMS, the teacher employed practical classroom structure management practices to support the flex movement of the learners in all learning activities. The learners are utterly engrossed in all activities by consuming optimal space and time apposite to their needs.

– To meet indicator 5 in COT –RPMS, the teacher established a positive learner milieu and used non-violent castigation to ensure a learning-focused environment.

–  To meet indicator 6 in COT –RPMS, the teacher provided differentiated strategies that motivated and engaged learners to achieve their individual learning needs.

– To meet indicator 7 in COT –RPMS, the teacher organized a sequence of activities intentionally to lead the pupils in achieving the objectives

– To meet indicator 8 in COT –RPMS, the teacher utilizes learning resources that are consistently aligned with the instructional purposes

-To meet indicator 9 in COT –RPMS, the teacher used formative assessment which engaged learners in assessing own and with their peers.

Disclaimer: These files are open for sharing to make our tasks easier. The content belongs to the rightful author of each file. The name of the teacher/author who made the plan was written. Thank you for sharing!

Here’s the CO DLP and PPT Grade 3. Click to download!

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SCIENCE 3 Classroom Observation DLPDOWNLOAD
SCIENCE 3 Classroom Observation PowerPointDOWNLOAD
MAPEH 3 Classroom Observation DLPDOWNLOAD
MAPEH 3 Classroom Observation PowerPointDOWNLOAD
Additional Files to upload soon!

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