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Group dismayed over DepEd’s order on teachers’ Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP)-“Bakit kakaltasan pa ang sweldo?”


“Ang DepEd ang may utang sa guro sa apat na buwan na overtime, bakit kakaltasan pa ang sweldo ngayong bakasyon sa bawat limang araw na pagliban noong pasukan?”

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines was extremely dismayed after DepEd issued the PVP computation for public school teachers as stated in its Order No. 56 s. of 2021.

The group lashed out on the agency for presenting a “devious computation” of the PVP. They asks to recall its order on the computation. “Masyado nang pandurugas ito sa mga guro!,” said ACT Secretary General Raymond Basilio.

The proportional vacation pay (PVP), is the “salary that teachers receive during school break, a counterpart leave benefit for lack of sick leave and vacation leave credits accorded to other government workers.” -ACT explained.

ACT criticized the directive for ordering the deductions on teachers’ vacation pay despite them rendering four months of overtime work — which remained “uncompensated.”

Basilio added that PVP usually “operates on a calendar year framework” wherein the year is divided between the number of actual days served and the number of days for Christmas break plus school break.

“Our teachers have served for a total of 389 days in the last school year as compared to less than 300 days in previous years,” Basilio said. “This number even exceeded the days in a year, but DepEd cheated in its computation by not taking this fact into consideration,” he added.

“Their commitment is to grant service credits for each day of overtime work, which teachers can use to off-set absences,” Basilio said.

“They even promised to request for funding from the budget agency to pay for the 25 percent overtime premium of teachers. Where did it go?” demanded Basilio.

Moreover, he urged DepEd to “respect” the labor rights of teachers which, he said, were “grossly violated” under distance learning implemented by the agency in School Year (SY) 2020-2021.


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