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Reading Passages with Questions Compilation


Reading ability of Elementary Pupils in Schools

As we have observed, reading ability of every learner in our class is a major problem especially in lower grades.  It is very hard for us teachers to proceed and continue a certain topic that you knew some pupils did not comprehend or even understand.

Many pupils, even in grade 5 are non-readers. Why they reach that far? Why is it that the pupils passed the lower grade level? Are we going to question the teaching strategies of teachers in Grade 1 to Grade 4? What is wrong with our Educational system? What can you say about the mass promotion in schools?

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So many questions that we ourselves can actually answer. Definitely, we should strive so hard to make our pupils ready for the next level. How? Here are some tips to start:

  1. Start with talking to the parents. Call the attention of the parent and discuss the weaknesses and progress of the child. Explain the important role of being a parent in helping the child in reading at home.
  2. Let the pupils bring reading materials at home. This strategy is very effective especially for those who cannot afford to buy reading materials or books. A laminated sheet with sight words and phrases is helpful to a non-reader.
  3. Let them join the remedial reading classes. Make a remedial reading schedule after your class. 30- 45 minutes every day will do. In two months time, you will see improvements in your non-readers.
  4. Love your Pupils. Love is the reason why we care. We want to help them improve in reading so we are giving efforts every day just to make them ready for the next Grade level.
  5. Love our work. If we love what we do, things will be so easy. Just think that we are so lucky enough to have a job. Others are still seeking to find it and making so much effort just to be in the Department.

Here are some of our Reading Passages Collection. Just click the DOWNLOAD button files below:

Note: Make sure to log-in to your Gmail account to download files from the Google Drive. (Use 1 Google account at a time to avoid confusion.)

Passage file 1DOWNLOAD
Passage file 2DOWNLOAD
Passage file 3DOWNLOAD
Passage file 4DOWNLOAD
Passage file 5DOWNLOAD
Passage file 6DOWNLOAD
Passage file 7DOWNLOAD
Passage file 8DOWNLOAD

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