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Modified E-Class Records for SY 2020-2021 / Free Download!


Quarterly assessments shall not be administered anymore for this school year. However, quarterly assessments in DepEd Order 7, s. 2020 or the School Calendar and Activities for School ear 2020-2021, may be used for the presentation of major performance for the quarter that addresses the performance standard.

To record your learners’ performance and written outputs, here are the modified E-Class Records for GRADE 1 to SHS based on DepEd Order No. 031, s. 2020. Please take note that it is the Teacher’s responsibility to double-check whether the weight for each component is aligned with the forementioned DepEd Order.

Download modified E-Class Record below:

Grade 1 Modified E-Class Record DOWNLOAD
Grade 2 Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 3 Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 4 Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 5 Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 6 Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 7-10 (JHS) Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD
Grade 11-12 (SHS) Modified E-Class RecordDOWNLOAD

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