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FREE Webinar for Teachers Sept.7-11,2020


Learning disabilities may involve difficulties in reading writing, computing, and even listening and speaking. In order to help children with learning disabilities, we need to coach them in ways that are appropriate to their learning needs.

This week, join Vibal’s Learning Skills Diagnosis Webinar Series on YouTube to know how we can recognize our children’s learning difficulties and how we can help them overcome those problems.

Here’s how:

1. Fill out these forms to register.

NOTE: Kindly choose only one form per day/topic to fill-out.

September 7 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3gVoLccSeptember 7 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/31ZXNf4

September 8 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3bvQgbcSeptember 8 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/322Tdgp

September 9 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/32Vh4h8September 9 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2QWqHXj

September 10 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3jRsoS6September 10 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2QV3fJR

September 11 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3jMhihpSeptember 11 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/32VhYdw

2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/3ax0jKR) to get your e-certificates.

To download your certificate from the past week, please go to https://certificate.vibalgroup.com.

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