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Accomplishing Prescribed Electronic IPCRF with Sample Part 4 Answers


Alam nyo bang mayroon ng Excel version ang ating IPCRF at nilalaman nito ang lahat ng importante at kinakailangang bahagi?

Ano-ano ang nagagawa ng form?

1. It automatically computes for the transmutation of COT rating to RPMS rating. It also computes the average transmuted rating.

2. The computed average transmuted rating is automatically inputted to the IPCRF rating sheet. The average and score of IPCRF ratings, as well as the final and adjectival rating are also generated.

3. The Part 2: Core Behavioral Competencies and Part 4: IPCRF-Development Plan are also included in the form.

Maaari ninyong i-download ang form sa pamamagitan ng link na ito: http://deped.in/IPCRFEncode20192020 o sa Access the e-IPCRF for SY 2019-2020 at https://drive.google.com/…/1U9vxrB5G_EatJJeUOryJOMeXOMDaNO-x.

NARITO ANG VIDEO KUNG PAANO ANG TAMANG PAG-FILL OUT, kasali ang mga halimbawa sa Part 4.

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