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General Santos City prefers Modular Learning


General Santos City — Education personnel has shifted focus on developing more learning modules and related materials in preparation for the opening of classes in August 24.

Department of Education (DepEd) City Division Superintendent Romelito Flores said in a media forum that most of the responses during the 2-week remote enrolment prefer the modular learning mode when the formal classes eventually resume amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flores said the enrollment data from 1 to 10 June in public and private schools here showed that about 70 percent of the learners prefer modular learning over online and blended modalities.

Parents who contacted by teachers during the remote enrollment prefer modular modality for the reason of unavailability of internet connections. They don’t even have gadgets like cellphones and computers as well.

“Most parents believed that their children will respond and learn more via the modular mode,” Flores said, citing a survey included in the enrollment forms.

As of 10 June, a total of 72,580 learners in elementary, junior, and senior high school have already enrolled in public and private schools based on data released by DepEd city division.

The figure represents 40.77 percent of the projected 178,000 learners in the city who would enroll until June 30.

It said 69,364 of the learners enrolled in public schools, with 33,274 males and 36,162 females. The enrollment data in private schools only reached 3,216, comprising 1,596 males and 1,620 females.

DepEd personnel had targeted around 148,000 enrollees for the school year 2020-2021 in 68 elementary and 26 junior and senior high schools in 14 school districts within the city’s 26 barangays.

Flores said that while their preparations were directed toward modular learning, local schools were also working on the other modalities.

He said 15 percent of the enrolled learners so far chose online learning and 12 percent preferred the blended mode, which is a combination of modular and face-to-face instruction.

Only 2 percent wanted to pursue supplemental learning modes via television and radio-based instruction.

“We’re continually preparing for the school opening and rest assured all these will complement the shift towards the new normal as we continue to face the Covid-19 threat,” he added.


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