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Daily Lesson Log Quarter 2 Week 5 KD – Grade 6


Greetings of peace fellow teachers! Happy Teachers Month to all of us! This month is a celebration for being the unsung hero of the 21st century. We all wish a happy and more success with our carriers. We are not rich financially but rich with love from our family and the people we dealt every day-our fellow teachers and our pupils.

Our profession is our passion. This is our life.  We are already satisfied with our lives. Waking up every day early for school, spend the whole day at school and even staying up so late at school just to finish our logs and presentations. The same old routine for the next ten months of our lives. What’s new? Hows our finances? Do you even think of a right strategy to increase your cash flow?

Here are the 3 simple strategies to make us more financially free.

Ways to increase your cash flow.

One of the major root causes of debt is the unwillingness to change lifestyles even when circumstances in life have changed. What does this mean? When you and your spouse were newlyweds, your only concerns were the basic like food, rentals, electricity, and water. Right?

You could still afford to dine out because you were a childless couple then. But what happened when your first child born? Your expenses increased. This is because you need to send for diapers, milk formula, baby food, etc., not to mention possibly hiring a babysitter-housemaid.

What are you going to do? How do you solve the problem? First, you have no other choice but to change your lifestyle.

Change Your Lifestyle, Spend Less.  When your expenses increased yet your income is still the same, there are adjustments that need to be done and you must be willing to change your lifestyle. Many people still maintain their old lifestyle, the result, they get into debt. Once you get into debt and you can’t control it, the result is bankruptcy.

Always Be Open-minded for Other Opportunities. We have to keep an open mind so we can allow ourselves to attract opportunities. Keeping an open mind means being open to all possibilities. If not you, ask your spouse and let him/her do the chance of getting an extra income that could help your family to be financially free.

If changing your lifestyle isn’t enough, it is time for you to look at an opportunity for other sources of income. Think of a source of income that is not a hindrance in our profession. Just make sure that our main priority is our children at school.

Save As Much As You Can. The main goal and objective of making more money are not for us to spend more but to save. We can miss the whole point of working extra-long hours and sacrificing time away from family because we need to go to school.

Saving means setting aside money on a regular basis, preferably from every salary. Reducing your spending, as opposed to earning more money, is the real key to gaining control of your finances.

We hope these tips will enlighten in some ways for our finances. This time, here’s our DLL for Q2 Week 5.

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Kindergarten

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 1

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 2

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 3

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 4

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 5

Quarter 2 Week 5 DLL Grade 6

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