Grade 3 Q1 Week 8 PPT

PowerPoint Presentation Q1 Week 8

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PowerPoint Presentation to our Learners’ Progress

Many teachers now are using TV and projectors in presenting their lessons. As we observed in our daily classes, pupils are more active and excited in their lessons. Waiting for the next slide to watch and excited to read the next paragraph of the Power point presentation (PPT) of their teachers. That is the common scenario that we observed especially when you put colorful pictures and slides.

Pupils are more attentive and alive compare to the usual manila paper, strips of cartolina and other visual materials posted on the board. Much more interesting if the classroom is Wi-Fi ready, because they can easily search the videos needed for the presentation and activities for the class.

Still, teachers should always be a facilitator of learning. Do not depend only on your slides that your pupils become passive and will just copy and read passages on your presentation. Let the pupils explore and do the activity in their own. Teachers should only supervise and facilitate.

A 21st century teacher uses ICT in teaching. We use PowerPoint presentation to make our work easier. We only need to bring our DLL, CG, Teachers Guide and a USB for our class presentation. Less burden and effortless compare to the things we used to bring in our classes. So, we encourage our teachers to use PowerPoint Presentation in delivering our lessons. It is more effective in every child’s progress.

Here’s our  Powerpoint Presentation for Q1 Week 8

MTB 3 Q1 Week 8

English 3 Q1 Week 8

English 3 Q1 Week 8 V.2

Science 3 Q1 Week 8

Filipino 3 Q1 Week 8

Filipino 3 Q1 Week 8 V.2

Araling Panlipunan Q1 Week 8

Araling Panlipunan Q1 Week 8 V.2

Araling Panlipunan Q1 Week 8 V.3

Araling Panlipunan Q1 Week 8 V.4

ESP 3 Q1 Week 8

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