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Homeroom PTA PPT and Forms


Greeting of Peace ka-Guro! Mostly of our friends from different Regions in our country have already conducted their first HRPTA meetings. Others have their schedule this week.

Some of our fellow teachers from different places requested for agenda and topics to be discussed during the HRPTA meetings. Instead of sending these files on private message, the team decided to post it on our website.

One way of communicating with our parents regarding the progress of their child is the HRPTA meetings. We are advised to conduct it regularly. Much better if we do it every month. This is also one of our requirements in accomplishing our RPMS. Just make sure that you conduct it with attendance, minutes and picture to be attached in our portfolios.

Easy to download files are available on our website http://www.guroako.com. Please follow us also on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mgakaguro/ for more updates.

HRPTA Files below:

HRPTA Powerpoint Presentation

Minutes of the Meeting Form

Attendance Form

**credits to the rightful owner of the forms

Thank You!

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