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Grade 1 Quarter 3 Week 6 Daily Lesson Log


Grade 1 Quarter 3 Week 6 Daily Lesson Log

Hello mga ka-Guro! We have only 2 more weeks before Christmas vacation. It’s already Quarter 3 Week 6. Time flies so fast, right? Thank you so much for always keeping track of our posts. To all our friends and colleagues in the Department of Education who always find time to search our files Godspeed to all of you!

We are working to facilitate our teachers’ work by sharing the files with different groups. Our website is also doing well. We have no negative feedback from our followers and the server is faster than before. No annoying advertisements to make it easier for you to download files.

We try to provide everything that our teachers need especially the Daily Lesson Log and the PowerPoint Presentation every week. Our Daily Log Lesson is a contribution from our partners from all over the country. A sincere gratitude for your generosity in sharing your work. Thank you very much, fellow teachers, for your continued support through liking and sharing our DLL files.

If you want to support us, please help share our works with other groups, friends, and companions so they can get our files.  Our contributors and editors are trying their best to provide the PowerPoint presentation for this weeks’ lesson. Just bookmark the post you like to make it easier to find it again. Do not forget to like us on our Facebook page to support our Team and contributors.

Again, thank you very much for all and long live Teachers!

ESP 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

Mathematics 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

Filipino 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

MAPEH 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

English 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

MTB 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

Araling Panlipunan 1 Q3 Week 6 DLL

***credit to the rightful owner of these files

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