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Grade 3 Q1 W4 Powerpoint Presentation

Grade 3 Q1 W4 Powerpoint Presentation

Teachers need to get paid more

As we all know, we have a very important role in our society.  We do not only teach our students on how to read and right, but we also mold them to be a better person. We always do much more than what the parents expect.  Unfortunately though, we are not getting paid enough for the work we do. Here are some reasons why teachers need to be paid more. Please take time to read.

  1. They work outside of the classroom

Other professions do not have to take their work home. Teachers, on the other hand, have to take loads of unfinished reports and stuff at home. They have to spend hours in preparing their lessons for the next day. They also have to spend time at home grading their pupils’ assignments, tests, and quizzes. They do not have time out of their busy day to spend doing all this stuffs so they need to take their work at home. The average of teacher’s salary and the hours they spend for work, they could probably make more money being an hourly wage employee.

  1. They do more than teach

Teachers do more than just teach pupils on how to read and write. They teach them on how to be good citizen of their country. They teach students how to be good adults by teaching them to persevere when things gone wrong and do not go as planned. Since teachers’ are tag to be the 2nd parent they also teach students about what is right or wrong. Cheating on exams, quizzes and assignments is always an issue so teachers are always there to remind their students.

  1. They make an impact

Teachers make an impact on students’ lives every day. Some of the students are coming back after they make jobs and businesses to thank their teachers of what they become. They always thank their teachers of being successful. Some offers for a donation to beautify the classroom as a sign of gratitude to their teachers of what they are now. Teachers inspire lives. They make a huge impact to each and every one and they need to be acknowledged for it.

  1. Education should be valued

Education should be given priority to every country. By underpaying teachers, the government is not placing education as a high priority. Teachers are the foundation of our education system. If we do not have good teachers to teach our children, then what will happen to our education system?  Education should be valued and so our teachers.

  1. We will have no competent teachers

No one wants to have a job that underpays and under values them. Many teachers are leaving the country and chose to teach abroad to get a higher salary. Competent individuals from the universities chose not to apply in the Department of Education because they think that they will not be paid according to what they are capable to do. If we do not have people who are pursuing careers in teaching, then eventually we will not have enough teachers to educate our students.

Teachers are an important part of our society. If we underpay them we are not valuing them for how important they really are. They teach our students, inspire our students, and look after our students. Our Government should put priority in Education.  A shout for salary increase should be supported to give credit to all the teachers.

Below are Grade 3 Q1 W4 Powerpoint Presentations







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  1. Thank you po mga masisipag na teachers for this materials po na nakakatulong din po for us in teaching our pupils… God bless you more po.

  2. Thanks po sa inyong walang sawang pagtulong. Blessings po kayo. Sana po ay d kayo magsawang magshare ng mga materials ninyo sa amin. Pagpalain po kayo ni Lord. Napakalaking tulong po itong ginagawa ninyo sa amin. Muli, maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo.

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