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3rd Grading Examination Grade 5

3rd Grading Examination Grade 5

How are you kaguro? As we overcome different struggles in our lives, let us make sure that we are always in good state in all aspects. If you are tired, rest. Have a break and plan for a trip and make good memories with your loved ones.

Try to meditate and think of things that will make your life more productive. In our silent moment, we can make better decisions in life, better plan not just for yourself but for your family.

To make good memories, try to think of all your flaws and the “bad” decisions you have made. Not to make your self down again but to make it as your guide to make better decisions this year.

The best decision comes with a better understanding of things. Once you start loving the decisions you’re making, you won’t need the approval of others.

Be Aware Of What You Want. Knowing what you really want is helpful to make better decisions in life or you regret if done. That is your life so better know yourself first before you come up with a decision.

Ask For Advice, But Make Your Own Choice. It is very important to listen to others idea about what decision are you making. It might come from your best friends, your siblings, your parents and maybe from an elder in your congregation. They might help you understand things that will lead to a better decision.

Listen To Your Gut. If you have the courage to face crucial and life-changing decisions in life, go, you can do it! Facing decisions need toughness and determination to arrive at a better result. Believe in yourself that you can do things with the help of prayers.

Make Sure You Are In The Right Frame Of Mind. Yes, don’t make a decision if you are in anger or in too much happiness. You might fall into a  wrong decision.

Learn To Trust Yourself. We spend most of our time looking outside for all the answers to our questions, not understanding that we already possess within ourselves all that we need. Listen to what your heart and mind say. Always put your mind above your heart and always asks guidance from the Almighty above.

Follow these points of advice and you might have a stress free year to come.

Here’s now our 3rd Grading Examination Compilation. Please open the highlighted link below.Thank You!

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