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Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log Quarter 3 Week 5


Grade 6 Daily Lesson Log Quarter 3 Week 5

Hello ka-Guro! We have been talking about the financial education for teachers. In fact, our Deped secretary mentioned that before we educate our learners with financial education, we must educate ourselves first. Why not? Let’s have some tips to have a good attitude in handling our finances.

Before you proceed to our Daily Lesson log, let us share with you some simple steps, ideas, and 2 dangerous attitudes about money.

Danger No. 1: Greed. Greed is one thing we have to protect ourselves from, particularly when it comes to money. People want to have more. This isn’t to say that accumulating money is wrong. But if we overdo it, then it is a different story.

Overdoing it is when accumulating money reaches the point of destroying relationships with families and friends. Greed, after making some money, can say, ‘I don’t have enough. This isn’t enough yet.’ The question is, how much is enough?

What does enough mean? Enough means the basic necessities of life. That would be food, water, shelter, and clothing. A house with a bed, a table, a chair, and three square meal a day. Enough to be happy, and enough to thrive.

Having  a quality time with family. Getting up every day with positive energy. Attending special events with family. Reading stories for your kids and praying for them before going to bed. For me, this is more than enough!

Danger No. 2: Worries. Who among us worry about money in life? I believe most people worry about money and hardly anyone is exempted. Prices of gasoline, electricity, and tuition are forever rising and our income remains the same. Some people are born worries. They never run out of things to worry about.

Sometimes people are worried about not having a job, and once they have one, they worry about keeping it. They worry about other things in their lives. They worry about life and about death. They worry about almost anything and everything in life.

Ask yourself, am I a worrier?  The reason you are worrying too much is because you are still holding on to something, but once you had nothing to hold on to, you start to hold on and depend on to God. Where worry ends, faith begins.

That’s why when you feel worried, you have to put your faith in God. That is very important especially when it comes to money. He knows that man’s primary concern is money. So when you start to worry, I recommend that you pray.


SOURCE: Till Debt do us part by Chinkee Tan


Thanks for reading! We have so much to share about practical steps to financial freedom. More to go. This time here’s our Quarter 3 Week 5 DLL. Just click the highlighted link below.


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