Kindergarten DLL (Quarter 1 Week 1 and 2)

Kindergarten DLL (Quarter 1 Week 1 and 2)


The content focus acts as the theme around which all concepts and lessons revolve. It starts from “I belong to a Kindergarten Class” and “I am me” in Quarter 1, “I belong to a family” in Quarter 2, “I belong to a community” in Quarter 3, and “I am part of a bigger community” in Quarter 4. These themes follow the ecological systems that start with the self, then goes out to a bigger social system (the family, community, and bigger community).

“I belong to a Kindergarten Class” is the springboard on the first week as the learners become familiar with the routine, rules, peers, and teachers in the Kindergarten classroom.

Smooth transitions are ensured from week to week and from one quarter to the next. Week 10 is dedicated as a wrap-up/summary/review week to solidify the concepts learned throughout the quarter. The foci for these weeks are “I am me” (Q1), “I have a family” (Q2), and “We are members of a community” (Q3).

In the last three weeks of the fourth quarter, the Kindergarteners are explicitly prepared for Grade 1 with the foci “We had fun in Kinder”, “Thank you” and “Goodbye Kinder”, and “I am ready for Grade 1”. This is to smoothly transition the learners to Grade 1 by knowing the routine in Grade 1, visiting the Grade 1 classroom, and even playing with the current Grade 1 pupils.

Make the learning of our small children enjoyable and fun. Let them fell loved and cared.

Here are our weekly Lesson Logs for you KD teachers.We will provide your DLL every week so please bookmark this website to keep updated.

Kindergarten DLL (Quarter 1 Week 2)

Kindergarten DLL.Q1Week1

Kindergarten DLL.Q1Week2


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