Grade 5 DLL (Quarter 1 Week 2 UPDATED)

Grade 5 DLL (Quarter 1 Week 2 UPDATED)

Salute to all talented  Grade 5 teachers! How was your week? Hope you are doing fine after a very busy week at school.  It’s Independence day on Monday so we will have a long weekend!

Happy Independence Day mga Ka-Guro! Thank God its Holiday once more. We want you to relax this weekend and spend time with your family and loved ones. To help you forget for a stressful search for our Daily Lesson Log, we uploaded the Quarter 1 Week 2 DLL for you! Enjoy a hassle-free downloading experience mga ka-Guro!

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Please click the link below to start downloading.

Download here:

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-AP

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-English

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-ESP

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-Filipino

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-Math

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-Science

Grade 5 Dll-Q1-Week-2-MAPEH

Grade 5 Dll Q1 Week 2 EPP( H.E)



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