Developing Reading Power (DRP)Exercises 1-10

Developing Reading Power (DRP)Exercises 1-10

Wider reading will help improve vocabulary and also enrich a child’s understanding of the world around them. It will also benefit in all other aspects of learning as they are more readily able to comprehend the materials they encounter.

It is not just reading a wide variety of texts that is important however, it is fully comprehending those texts and grasping the concepts being discussed.

If your child is struggling mightily with reading comprehension, he may need more help with his reading — for example, building his vocabulary or practicing phonics skills.

It is better to look for easy-to-read passages and books. Some prior knowledge will help many ways through tougher classroom texts and promote reading comprehension.

Here’s our Developing Reading Power in Word. You can put it on a folder or clear book to use as a material during the Reading Time of our pupils. Just click the links below to start your download.

Developing Reading Power (DRP)

Exercises 1and 2

Exercises 3 and 4

Exercises 5 and 6

Exercises 7 and 8

Exercises 9 and 10

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