Charts and Posters (Featuring: Make their Back-to-School Fun!)

Charts and Posters

Make their Back-to-School Fun!

It’s the first day of school and you want to make sure that not only do you set the tone and remember to take attendance, but also make your students feel comfortable in this new space. You might observe that the kids are taking everything in – including the door of your classroom. What does your door look like right now? Dark green paint? Wooden with a window? Pink and Blue? Regardless of what it looks like now, you probably agree that it could use some stylish.

Create a fun welcome back to school poster or a “Welcome to our Class home, It’s-Going-To-Be-An-Awesome-Year” poster to make your pupil feel at home. Spice it up with images they recognize (like social media outlets) or a quote that reflects with you and your goals for the year. The students WILL look at it, the students WILL look at you, and this small gesture of appreciation for them will start to build relationships beginning with the first day of school.

Here’s another compilation of Posters and Charts for our Class home. Feel free to share and please don’t forget to like our Facebook page:

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Age chart

Attendance Chart

Homework Heroes


Post Test, Pre-test

Reading Charts

Reading Corner Design

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