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Classroom Structuring Charts( Featuring: Tips on how to enhance the structure and the overall atmosphere in the classroom)


Tips on how to enhance the structure and the overall atmosphere in the classroom

A key component of being an effective teacher begins with providing structure in the classroom. Providing a structured learning environment provides many advantages for the teacher and the students.

The following tips will enhance the structure and the overall atmosphere in the classroom.


It is essential to realize that the first few days of the school year often dictate the tone for the remainder of the school year.

 Once you lose a class, you rarely get them back. Structure starts on day one. Rules and expectations should be laid out immediately. Possible consequences should be discussed in depth. Provide students with specific scenarios and walk them through your expectations as well as your plan for dealing with issues.
As a teacher, you should naturally come in with high expectations for your students. Convey your expectations to them. Set goals that are realistic and reachable.

These goals must stretch them individually and as a whole class. Explain the importance of the goals that you have set. Make sure there is meaning behind them and make sure they understand what that meaning is. Have a purpose for everything that you do and share that purpose with them.


Hold every student accountable for their actions in all areas of life. Do not allow them to be mediocre. Encourage them to be great and do not let them settle for less than that. Deal with issues immediately.

Do not allow students to get away with something because it is small. These smaller issues will morph into serious issues if they are not dealt with appropriately as quick as possible. Be fair and judicial, but tough. Always listen thoroughly to your students and take what they have to say to heart and then take the course of action that you believe will correct the issue.


Keep goal setting simple. Do not try to give them fifteen goals to meet at one time. Provide them with a couple reachable goals at a time and then add new ones when those are reached.

Start the year off by providing goals that are easily attainable. This will build confidence through success. As the year moves along, provide them with goals that are increasingly more difficult to obtain.


Expectations should always be set high. However, it is essential to understand that every class and every student is different.

Always set the bar high, but be prepared to adjust if a student or group of students are not academically capable of meeting your expectations.


Kids will identify a phony rather quickly. It is critical that you live by the same set of rules and expectations that you expect your students to follow. If you do not allow your students to have their cell phones in your classroom, then you should not either.

You should be the primary role model for your students when it comes to structure. A key component with structure is preparation and organization. How can you expect your students to be prepared for class each day if you are rarely prepared yourself?

Here are the posters we can use for Classroom Structuring. Just click the highlighted words below.



Lupang Hinirang

Panatang Makabayan

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Lupang Hinirang Tarp Papel

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